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Eddie Lucitt


Eddie Lucitt is 16 years old and currently attends high school within the Los Angeles County.

Eddie is the co-founder of Crystal Trap, along with Stanley Morales. He designed Crystal Trap's official website and graphics. He also produces, mixes, and masters the band's songs with Austin Carango.

Other ProjectsEdit

Along with Crystal Trap, Eddie also has another band, Streetlight Serenade, who plays mainly pop-punk music.

Eddie also has a great affinity for film. He has contributed to a number of projects, which include the following:

Co-Creator/Producer - CalabasasOn (Web Series)

Writer/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor - The Teachers Lounge (Web Series)

Co-Writer/Cinematographer/Editor - Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming (Short Film)

He is also the co-founder of the design company Not (Not) Good Designs, which is based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

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Streetlight Serenade: iTunes