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The 5 members of Crystal Trap

"Crystal Trap is a rock/synth band from Los Angeles, California. The band started when guitarist Stanley Morales asked his long time friend Eddie Lucitt if he wanted to start a band. Interested in adding another band into his long list of musical projects, Eddie immediately decided to form a band with his friend and start writing and recording music together. The duo then found a drummer, Austin Carango, as he has also been a long time friend of Stanleys.

Meanwhile, Eddie was derpin around on Facebook and saw a video of his friend, Dylan Dunlap, perform a Black Keys song on piano. In love with Dylan's voice, Eddie immediately asked Dylan if he'd like to join the band, and Dylan immediately said yes. The bass player hasn't been chosen yet, so we'll write this part about him later. Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode."

(Taken from Crystal Trap's website )